Lisa Scarber

"Creating art is my deepest joy. Bring joy to your life." Lisa Scarber is a local artist from Charlotte, North Carolina specializing in abstracts and landscapes.

“I am an abstract painter. The level of ‘abstract’ varies with each painting and is directly linked to the subject matter and my vision at that moment.  Abstract with a very respectful nod to Impressionism is where I find my deepest joy. For me, art expresses the raw of everything. Raw in nature, in objects, places, light, faces and it is always perfect because it is real.

Each piece of art shares its own life at the same exact time the artist is gladly giving it a piece of theirs. After 12 years of learning and stretching, every painting continues to be an attempt at something new. A new pallet, a new knife, style, subject, even attitude. It’s a rebirth. Oil and acrylic paints on canvas remain my main tools of expression. My style has been appreciated as ‘painterly’, ‘colorful’, and ‘refreshing.”

Affiliations include the Cabarrus Art Guild.

Representation includes:

Vane Gallery, 2326 Distribution Street, Charlotte NC

Magnolia Emporium, 307 Lincoln Street, Charlotte NC

47K Marketplace, 308 W. Windsor Street, Monroe NC

LScarberArt on FB, IG and Etsy