Profound Expression is proudly building an art and apparel community. A community that is comprised of artists, both local and from around the globe. Together, these artists are building a brand that signifies unity and the importance of art in our lives and culture.  At Profound Expression, we believe empowering artists and helping them to support one another can create a monumental shift in art and apparel.

We welcome everyone to meet the artists, follow them on social media, and get to know their stories from behind the canvas.

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Jeanie Mauney | Jennifer Carroll | Jonay Di Ragno | Juan Ramon | Kevin Palm | Kristen Patinka | Lisa Scarber

Jeanie Mauney - Charlotte, NC

Jeanie Mauney is a local artist in Charlotte, NC. She has a love and passion for color that reflects well in her work. Her abstract style of painting allows her to show the contrast and blending of rich colors in the same time giving life to her subject. She has a talent for painting animals and giving character to each piece she creates. Her use of palette knife techniques gives her paintings texture and depth that is distinctly recognizable.

Jonay Di Ragno - Charlotte, NC

Born in the red-terracota volcanic shores of Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. Then emigrated to the blue waters of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico. Jonay Di Ragno expresses everyday life subtleties through the act of painting. Extending out of the abstract expressionism movement, his work speaks of the human experience (such as pleasure, tension, and gratitude). Di Ragno respects and welcomes the sensorial effects entailed in painting, so his colorful formations result from the integration of inspiration, light play, and the material condition of paint—tint, texture, smell. His work often elicits movement, inviting wonder in the viewer. A mainly self-taught painter, Di Ragno received art schooling at the Escuela de Artes Plasticas in San Juan, PR (2000-2004). He enjoys learning about art history. His work is influenced by that of Gorky, De Kooning, Vicente, Picasso, Rothko and CY Tombly but mostly painting with his own brush.

Juan Ramon - Charlotte, NC

My interest in Art all started thanks to my uncle Nelson Paredes. He drew my favorite dragon ball Z characters, the anime that I love so much. Over time I learned to draw them on my own based on trial and error, little by little I became more interested in drawing, learning to draw human anatomy with a dark touch. Over the years I had the honor of having a scholarship at Casa Sacbe art school, that scholarship was given to me by Edgar Zelaya, teacher and principal of the school where I perfected drawing and learned painting.

Kevin Palm - Germany

Kevin Palm, illustrator and freelance graphic designer born in Germany with some Filipino roots in the mid 90‘s. Since a young age his interest in drawing and creating grew steadily. The early passion for manga and cartoons soon switched into the love for big colorful letters in the public space - Graffiti. "Getting the art and drawings I loved so much out in the public with no restrictions or rules to go by changed my whole perspective on society and what I want to do with my time on this beautiful planet. I want to create things for the people around me, the community I learned to cherish so much, the public and maybe even future generations. My goal is the same as everybody else - leave my mark in this big wide world we live in."

Kristen Patinka - Raleigh, NC

Kristen Patinka is a modern, contemporary artist and creatipreneur, inspired by the pure essence of life, and the bold, vibrant colors, patterns and rhythms it exudes. Her passion is founded in studying and abstracting the imagery and reality of people, flora, and fauna, often overlooked in our world. Kristen’s exaggerated, playful and poignant style is expressed through assorted mixed media and design. Kristen has over 25 years of career experience as an artist. She recently relocated to Raleigh, NC, from the Charlotte, NC area after serving several years as an art educator at Chesterbrook Academy. Her broad skills and abilities are demonstrated in past roles ranging from fashion stylist and buyer at an upscale boutique, to singer and songwriter for a Nashville record label, to free lance painter and designer. Kristen began teaching dance at 14, evolved into a distinguished choreographer, and owned her on studios. In 2014 she created and launched “Tipsy Artist Parties”, offering mobile wine and paint events for social and business gatherings. Kristen has a deep passion for social responsibility and charity. She frequently volunteers her time and contributes her expertise toward a variety of causes. Her art has been utilized for event programming, educational tools and workshops, and as a fund raising platform with organizations such as Lake Norman Humane Society, Divas for Breast Cancer, & Feed The Hungry.

Lisa Scarber - Charlotte, NC

Lisa Scarber is a local artist from Charlotte, North Carolina specializing in abstracts and landscapes. “I am an abstract painter. The level of ‘abstract’ varies with each painting and is directly linked to the subject matter and my vision at that moment. Abstract with a very respectful nod to Impressionism is where I find my deepest joy. For me, art expresses the raw of everything. Raw in nature, in objects, places, light, faces and it is always perfect because it is real. Each piece of art shares its own life at the same exact time the artist is gladly giving it a piece of theirs. After 12 years of learning and stretching, every painting continues to be an attempt at something new. A new pallet, a new knife, style, subject, even attitude. It’s a rebirth. Oil and acrylic paints on canvas remain my main tools of expression. My style has been appreciated as ‘painterly’, ‘colorful’, and ‘refreshing.” Affiliations include the Cabarrus Art Guild. Representation includes: Vane Gallery, 2326 Distribution Street, Charlotte NC Magnolia Emporium, 307 Lincoln Street, Charlotte NC 47K Marketplace, 308 W. Windsor Street, Monroe NC