Group Events

Group Events

Unleash your inner artist. Our group events are the perfect opportunity to create one-of-a-kind custom print shirts or other apparel that match your unique style. This creative activity is perfect for birthday parties, a girl’s night out, youth group event, school art classes, and so much more. With a skilled artist by your side and cutting-edge design technology at your fingertips, there’s no limit to your creativity.

Profound Expression’s group events are one of a kind. Rethink your idea of a basic art party – now, you can design your own t-shirt and wear it right out of the store!


$35 per person, groups of five to ten, your selection of t-shirt (premium selection available upon request)


  • Intuitive Technology 

    Create your one-of-a-kind design with infinite color possibilities, textures, and layers. The Profound Expression design space is equipped with eight sleek iPad Pro tablets, touch-sensitive Apple Pencils, and the cutting-edge Procreate app, which is easy for everyone to use.

  • Private Party 

    Up to ten people can take part in our group events at a time. You’ll have the entire space to yourself, so feel free to bring snacks, play music, and chat with friends. This fun event is entirely your own, so enjoy it!

  • Expert Instruction 

    Not sure where to start? Need some digital drawing advice? One of our resident artists will be there to assist you throughout the entire process. We believe in free, artistic expression, so you’ll get friendly support with no judgment.

  • Time to Create 

    Our two-hour events are the perfect amount of time to design your own custom shirt, but not overthink it. With our wide stock of premium apparel and in-house wireless DTG printer, it only takes two hours to create something special.

 “You can’t use up creativity – the more you use, the more you have!” – Maya Angelou

Group Events are perfect for:

  • Birthday parties

  • Youth group activities

  • Girl’s night out

  • Family outings

  • Baby showers

  • School art classes

  • Teambuilding activities

  • Staff appreciation

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