Stand By Vern

A dear friend, Scott Thompson, has begun his journey to fight cancer. A few weeks ago, blood work results from an annual wellness exam came back abnormal. What started as a ‘knock it off the to-do list’ item, suddenly became life changing. After doctor consultations, the diagnosis was confirmed. Scott had hairy cell leukemia; a rare, hematologic cancer in which your bone marrow makes too many lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell. The disease is called hairy cell leukemia because these cells look “hairy” under a microscope.
And so the journey begins. Scott recently began treatment to say #peaceouthairyinvaders. The road will no doubt be challenging for the Thompson family, but if you know Scott you can hear him say that “A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.”
To show support of Scott, we’d encourage individuals to purchase a shirt to “Stand By Vern.”  As many know, Scott grew up with the nickname “Vern” based on his childhood likeness to the character Vern Tessio (played by Jerry O’Connell) from the film Stand By Me.  Roughly half of the proceeds of each purchase will go directly to the Thompson family.
Please consider helping this amazing family focus on getting Scott better so he can get back to doing the things he loves with the people he loves most.